The way individuals and businesses over time have reached people has changed. Back in the day, we had the Pony Express, and then other things came along, but essentially, people have been reached differently with messages, information, and communication in general as time has changed. Some technologies have lasted for years and are still in use today like the telephone. What used to take weeks or months now happens almost immediately or in a matter of a few minutes. Things have changed. As technology has changed over time, new innovations have made themselves come to market. Communication has speeded up. Some of these technologies have lasted for years, like the phone, and some are pretty much done, although some people are still hanging onto them today. I don’t know who’s still using this kind of a fax, but there are some people who still do. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry for taking a shot at you.

2Then came email. I remember my first email account. I think it was back in 1991 if I remember. I had to do it through a dial-up connection. There was no AOL. There was no graphics like this. I had to go through a university. I went through San Diego State University, and I had to call into the university and have the special linkup to the IT Department. It would use the phone line. It would take, I don’t know, like 15 minutes or something to get on. There were no like multiple phone lines back then, so if a phone call came in when I was trying to get online, boom, I got knocked out just like that. All that time wasted. As I was talking with people about the world wide web and email and all these links, and you click on this link, and you click on this link, and these were text-based links … These were no graphics …

A lot of people couldn’t understand what I was talking about. They didn’t understand the web. They didn’t understand email. They didn’t see how it would be applied in business. I remember some people even saying to me, “Oh, this is just a fad. Not a big thing.” Here’s the thing, over time, whether it be snail mail through the Pony Express or through the post office, or whether it be email, there’s something about this which is that you can send somebody information, you can send something to them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to read it.

Now, whether it’s, like I said, mail or snail mail, you don’t know. What we know with email is that, on average, only about 17-20% of all emails get read. You can’t control when people read them. Please don’t just me. This is a screenshot from my phone. I know it’s kind of grainy, but it’s a real shot. It’s not a made up, doctored thing. I used to 2bget so many junk mails, and you know what I’m talking about … We all get them. You get them, I get them everybody gets them. I had to create a whole another email account just for the junk mail. Then that was becoming so much, I created another email account for the more junk mail. If you think about this in reality, over the last, what, 25 years, it’s taken me a lot of hard work to get to 50,000 unread emails. That’s pretty impressive, right? I’m flipping this. I’m seeing this as hard work and a lot of effort. Now, your emails aren’t there. Your emails are getting read this is all junk email.

The problem is that businesses are yelling at their customers. They’re not communicating with them. They’re not communicating when, how, and where customers want to be communicated with. What happens is you got a one-way exchange. Businesses are talking at their customers and not with them. You need to be engaging in a conversation. What then is mobile marketing? That’s why you’re reading this.


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