The Mobilizer Guru  brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big businesses alike! We’ll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing!


The Mobilizer offers you a Mobile Marketing Specialist who will develop a Mobile Marketing strategic plan around your business. Every solution is customized; we design a mobile plan for you that can be easily integrated into your existing marketing and advertising program. We’ll setup, manage and track results of your first marketing campaign.


Bring the awesome power of text messaging to your business! Your customers simply text your Keyword to 80309 to join your Text Marketing list. We’ll send a fully customizable automatic response back to them in seconds. Use different keywords to help build a segmented list for sending offers to only those who are more likely to respond to it!

You can add your text-2-join info to all your existing marketing efforts to help increase success! By adding a text-2-join call to action to any announcement, print, radio, TV, Facebook & Twitter, you can capture a new prospect and start building a relationship by sending specials to drive that prospect to become a Repeat Loyal Customer.


The Mobilizer is an exciting mobile tool used to capture prospective customer’s cell phone numbers and start building brand loyalty. A Text-2-Win contest or sweepstakes is one of the best ways to interact with your current customers or prospective customers using mobile. All who enter the text contest can be added to your customer database for future campaign offers or text alerts.

We follow strict guidelines to all anti-spam (CAN-SPAM) procedures enacted by congress in March of 2005 and provide opt-in and opt-out features in compliance with FCC regulations.

Creating Text-2-Win Sweepstakes to produce an instant win or random winner is one of the most popular and effective Mobile Marketing tools. The Mobilizer mobile platform is setup to automatically close the sweepstakes and pick a winner and auto notify the owner with winners contact info.


It’s similar to the favorite TV show- American Idol, where the TV audience is given the ability to vote for their favorite entertainer. A Mobilizer mobile application is equipped to receive, control and report voting outcomes to you and your cell phone subscribers (If you wish). We can even post current Real Time Results on your Website or Facebook Pages.

Advertising is more effective when it invites a live response. A Mobilizer Mobile Marketing specialist will help you integrate an effective Text-2-Poll campaign for your business, organization or political campaign. The Mobilizer will setup, manage and ensure you have a successful SMS polling campaign. The Mobilizer can work with you to promote your business, organization or candidate at events and shows using this Mobile Marketing solution. SMS polling has provided our clients with inexpensive research on customer behavior and preferences.


Set up an automated text to your customers right after they have visited your business. This text message has a hyperlink, when touched it will redirect the customer to a Mobile Friendly Survey Page that your customers can fill out a survey right from their cell phones and give you instant response and insight of their recent visit in Real Time! Results are then sent directly to business management.


The Mobilizer mobile messaging platform enables you to communicate instantly to your mobile subscribers. Our system is perfect for TV/Radio stations, schools, day care providers, youth groups, churches, or anyone who needs an instant and reliable method of delivering news and updates.

A Mobilizer Mobile Marketing specialist will be able to discuss, in person or over the telephone, if a Text-4-Alerts solution is right for your business or organization. This is a niche mobile service and works well when properly setup and managed for effectiveness. That’s where we come in.

This hot mobile tool “Makes it Fun” for everyone who participates, this engages them into a gaming atmosphere! The prospective customers get special discounts or prizes based on replying with the right answer, thus getting the better special offer! Non- Winners or incorrect answer customers get the lower special offer just for participating. This can be used to deliver a text offer to your list of current customers or to capture new prospective customers by sharing and making the message go Viral with placement of “FWD-2-Friends!”


This is a highly effect marketing system for Bridal Fairs, Garden & Outdoor Shows, Home Shows, Golf Shows, or any type of trade shows. We customize our system to fit any type of business with your special offers and schedule follow up text offers to the list that has signed up. With our kiosk system you can do better follow-up marketing with your prospects and in-turn get more of a return from your event!

Create a show sweepstakes! Attendees enter their cell number and receive a text message with an exclusive offer! At the end of the show our system picks a winner automatically and notifies them via text message! The best part…after the show, you have their permission to send preset scheduled text follow up offers!


Mobilizer, offers a Personalized Digital Review that uncovers how to leverage your small business website, reviews/ratings, and social media to increase in-store sales. As a BONUS, we will include a FREE Competitor Analysis through our proprietary RRA platform (Reputation Rank Algorithm)!

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Business owners tell me they have one of three needs:

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