What mobile marketing is is what it sounds like. It’s marketing on a mobile device, on a mobile phone, a tablet, a wearable. Marketing on laptops and desktops is not considered mobile marketing. I know it’s not sexy. I just heard all the air come out of the balloon, but there is more to mobile marketing than the device alone. The sexy part is still coming, right? What makes mobile marketing different? The real question is why and how is mobile marketing different?

What is Mobile MarketingIn marketing, you want people to read what you have to say, yes? You want people to read what you have to say, and you want them to take action on it. Now, it seems like everybody has a phone. In reality, it’s true. More than 90% of all Americans own a cell phone. In Africa, the number of cell phones is about equal to the African population. Everybody’s got a phone. Everybody has the tool that you are going to use and the tool that your customers want you to use in order to market to them.

More time is spent on the internet from mobile devices than from computers. The average person, like you and me, is going to spend about 3 hours a day on a mobile device, compared to 5 years ago, when we were only spending 25 minutes. Today, 3 hours a day we’re spending on our mobile device. TV time, desktop time, that’s stayed roughly about the same. Mobile device time over 5 years has gone from 25 minutes to 3 hours. The average person will check their cell phone 110 times a day. Now, if you figure we sleep for 8 hours, or at least that’s what we’re supposed to do. Some of us do. They tell us it’s a good thing. That means that the average person is checking their cell phone about every 8 minutes. Does that sound like you? I probably spend more time than that on my phone, but every 8 minutes. That’s incredible.

Here, get this. Not just every 8 minutes, but 2/3 of us sleep with our cell phone within arm’s reach. You simply do not have the same access to your audience with any other form of marketing like you do with mobile marketing.


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